Short Request

French agrofood commercial agents and distributors

Official reference: SR20200330138


Dear EEN colleagues, I have a company who would like to expand into the French market. They are looking for a sales agents and/or distributors to canvass prospects (organic chain stores, grocery stores, horeca, etc.) and take care of the logistics aspect. Products are: - A mix of fresh cold pressed juice and brewed tea enriched with superfoods and probiotics.- Cold pressed Shot 65 ml- Premium Matcha Ice Tea- Cold pressed Nut Juice 215 ml- Cold Brew Coffee 215 ml Their products must imperatively be kept in a cool place (0°-7°) and need a 30 days shelf-life. If you have clients that are interrested to get in contact I would be happy to make the connection. Please contact me over e-mail: Looking forward to your feedback. Kind regards, Florine


Florine Eloy
+32 474 79 40 91