Short Request

Clinical research in the affective/mood disorder area

Official reference: SR20190925133

A Swedish publicly listed med-tech start-up company that has developed a method called EDOR-Test. EDOR stands for Electro Dermal Orienting Reactivity and analyses electrodermal reactions to a standardised sequence of neutral sound signals. Analysis is made on the reaction patterns, describing the process of habituation to a repeated event. Recent data show that hyporeactive depressed patients are more likely to relapse into depression. This recent finding is new and from a non-blinded cohort that has opened two new avenues of explorative research: 1. To verify the findings on relapse into depression in blind samples 2. Given that hyporeactivity is a clinical risk for more “upstream” events in depression, explore what other risks can be connected to hyporeactivity The company is interested in collaborations with hospital or research units that perform clinical research in the affective/mood disorder area.


Maria Gröndahl