Short Request

Large company producing in-line automated packaging machines looking for international clients

Official reference: SR20190913132

The client, a division of a large company, is specialized in building fully automated in-line packaging machines for shipment boxes. It offers fit-to-size packaging creating perfect packages and reducing labor cost up to 12%, carton up to 20%, void fill materials and volume reduction up to 50% of the parcel to be shipped. The client is looking for new contacts with international clients for their machines. Typical parties of interest are: - 3PL (3rd party logistics) - 4PL (4rd party logisticis) - E-fulfilment companies - Webshops/Brands that do their own logistics and shipping (B-to-B en B-to-C) - Wholesalers and retailers that perform dropshipping - Wholesalers and producers that offer B-to-R and B-to-B product - Service organisations / parts shipment with dealer/ enigneer networks - > 600 parcels per day Any EEN advisors having contact with these type of organisation is requested to contact EEN-Northern Netherlands.


Marcel van der Kooi