Short Request

French SME is looking for partners/integrators in robotics/glue/vision systems for automotive industry parts in Slovakia, Spain and Latin America.

Official reference: SR20200120135


The French SME developed a sensor and analysis system (bead inspector system) to scan glue/material deposits and ensure the quality of final assembly or sealing of parts (especially in the automotive sector). The system relies on high power LED and high resolution camera synchronized with software algorithms. The SME has an international automotive manufacturer as main client and needs to find local partners from robotics / glue systems for industry or Vision systems specialists to assist its client in the use of the system and if possible disseminate the sensor technology among other automotive manufacturers. They are searching for partners especially in the following countries : - Slovakia - Spain - Mexico - Chile - Argentina - Brasil - Peru The cooperation would be set under a commercial agreement with technical assistance or technological cooperation agreement.


Emilien Oumehdi
+33 (0)4 72 60 00 49