Welcome to EasyPP!

EasyPP helps you produce and submit Partnership Proposals (PPs). You work with your client in the same document and PPs are submitted directly to Merlin on the Network's Intranet without any cut and paste. Clients don't need a password or to be registered. See Guidelines to EasyPP

Info regarding Merlin

The profiles you submit here will be added to Merlin. So after submission, you may go to https://een.ec.europa.eu/tools/PRO/Profile/MyProfiles to review them. The user login details are NOT synchronized between EasyPP and Merlin. If you want to, you may update your EasyPP username and password to match the Merlin credentials by clicking on the "My account" link on the top right.

Creating a new profile

To create a new profile, press

  • New BO for a Business Offer
  • New BR for a Business Request
  • New TO for a Technology Offer
  • New TR for a Technology Request
  • New RDR for a Research & Development Request (Partner Search for a R&D project)
  • New SR for a Short Request

To edit an active profile you have started to work on, click on the reference name.

Already submitted profiles

To view an already submitted profile, click on the label "Display submitted Partnership Proposals and Expression of Interests received"

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Short requests can be shared outside EasyPP, no login is required to view them.

EasyEOI - Efficient management of Experession of Interests

We have made EasyEOI even more user-friendly. Find all your EOIs under the new tab “EOIs Received”. Edit an EOI and send it to your client as a link in a mail (in the same way you send a Partnership Proposal to your client in EasyPP). The client is given a few options informing you if they are interested or not. EasyEOI keeps all your EOIs received in one place, including not only all those received in Merlin but also EOIs received elsewhere, e.g. via mail. You can also send a summary of all EOIs received for a profile as a link in a mail to your client asking for an update of the collaboration status.

A guide is available here to the right.

How to start using EasyEOI:

  1. Login to EasyPP and go to "EOIs Received"
  2. Select or add one of your profiles and click on its "EOI's Received"
  3. Edit the EOI and send it to your client

Step-by-step guide to EasyEOI: EasyEOI.pdf.

For further questions please contact max.maupoix@ri.se