Short Request

Swedish designer is looking for shoe manufacturer that can produce protective footwear.

Official reference: SR20230530153


A Swedish SME has developed a new type of boot and protective footwear that safeguards regular shoes in unfavourable weather conditions, similar to galoshes. They seek a shoe manufacturer to produce an initial series of this footwear. The ideal partner should collaborate on design, material selection, and demonstrate an interest in a supplier or outsourcing agreement. The Swedish company specialises in designing hiking equipment and sportswear. Their innovative prototype for a boot or shoe cover is lighter, warmer, and more protective than galoshes due to its higher boot shaft. Additionally, it is flexible, accommodating various shoe sizes. The company is open to discussing different fabric and sole options, favouring a lightweight, waterproof polymer fabric capable of withstanding temperatures as low as -30 degrees Celsius. Insulation is desired, and an eco-friendly rubber sole would be ideal.


Max Maupoix
+46 70 780 6193