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EasyPP allows you to create cooperation profiles (PP - Partnership Proposal) together with your clients. You work with your client in the same document and profiles are stored locally on the EasyPP site, with the option to copy-paste them manually to NextEEN or to other platforms for publishing. You can forward Expression of Interests (EOIs) to your clients in a user-friendly format to update collaboration status. Clients don't need a password or to be registered on EasyPP.

Create a profile

  1. Go to Create a new PP:
    • BO - Business Offer
    • BR - Business Request
    • TO - Technology Offer
    • TR - Technology Request
    • RDR - Research & Development Request
    • SR - Short Request
  2. Fill in your data and Save
  3. Towards the top of the page you can find a link to the profile that you can share in an email with your client. Advise your client to edit and save the profile and to return to you again when this is done.
  4. After editing, the client clicks on Save and notifies you that the editing is done.
  5. Login and go to your draft profiles and access the profile. Check the changes done by the client, if any. Click on Show my last version to compare the profile with your last version. To make further changes, repeat step 4-8 if needed.
  6. Copy-paste the profile manually to NextEEN or to other platforms for publishing.

Collect and forward EOIs

  1. When the profile has been published, change the status of the profile from Draft to Submitted (and insert the POD reference) to collect Expression of Interests (EOIs) manually from NextEEN or elsewhere.
  2. Go to EOIs Received for the profile.
  3. Click on New EOI
  4. Fill in the data and Save
  5. On top of the page, click on Send EOI to client to share the link to the EOI in a mail to your client. Ask your client if they accept or reject the EOI.
  6. Go Back to List of EOIs to get a summary of clints' interest and collaboration status. Click on the pen icon if you want to edit the EOI or edit client's interest/collaboration status.
  7. To send a summary of all EOIs to your client, click on Send status summary to client to share the link to the EOI summary in an email to your client. Ask your client to update their interest and collaboration status.

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